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Thank you for letting us take a moment to introduce Abba Freight Systems to you and your company. Abba Freight is a for hire, 48 States and Canada Trucking/Brokerage Company, with over twenty years of experience in a very challenging industry.

Flatbeds • LTL • Vans • Drop Decks • Heavy Haul

We operate Flatbeds, Vans and Heavy Haul Equipment and Power Only Units to meet all of your trucking needs. From LTL freight to mammoth over-dimensional projects. We have a reputation for excellence and reliability. We are the preferred carrier of some of the largest and most demanding shippers in the country, while also giving the expedited service that smaller companies require.

Abba Freight Systems can give you the one-on-one service that is necessary to better meet your transportation needs. We maintain the highest standards with our People, Equipment and Service. With steady growth and strong business relationships Abba Freight strives to be one of the best trucking companies in the Nation.

I invite you to contact us and give us a try. I’m sure that you will be glad that you did.


David Barney


541-690-3400 ext 100
541-690-3423 (Fax)

Jeff Morgan


541-690-3401 ext 101
541-690-3424 (Fax)

Stone Mattingly

Operations Manager

541-690-3409 ext 109
541-690-3432 (Fax)

Deanna Jones

Accounting Department Manager

541-690-3411 ext 111
541-690-3434 (Fax)

Shawnah Peyton

Dispatch Operations/Accounting

541-690-3473 ext 126
541-690-3454 (Fax)

Jordynn Barney


541-690-9350 ext 133

Reese Barney


541-690-3498 ext 135
541-690-3499 (Fax)

Mason Barone

Mason Barone


541-690-3470 ext 123
541-690-3451 (Fax)

Kim Jeffers


541-690-3455 ext 132
541-690-3456 (Fax)

Becky Maddox


541-690-3469 ext 131
541-690-3474 (Fax)

Corrie Snow


541-690-3414 ext 140
541-690-3457 (Fax)

Chris Barone

Account Representative

541-690-3483 ext 139
541-690-3484 (Fax)

Phil Barone

Account Representative

541-690-3415 ext 144
541-690-3422 (Fax)

Robert Beninger

Account Representative

541-690-3479 ext 134
541-690-3480 Fax

Ron Cox

Account Representative

LJ Falk

Account Representative

541-690-3477 ext 143
541-690-3478 (Fax)

Bobby Jones

Account Representative

541-690-3402 ext 102
541-690-3425 (Fax)

Byron Lee

Account Representative

541-690-3462 ext 115
541-690-3476 (Fax)

Cooper Murphy

Account Representative

541-690-3490 ext 137
541-690-3491 (Fax)

Lorenzo Rios

Account Representative

541-690-3405 ext 105
541-690-3433 (Fax)

Josh Shinkle

Account Representative

541-690-3463 ext 116

Will Snyder

Account Representative

541-690-3494 ext 146
541-690-3495 (Fax)

Tim Stewart

Account Representative

541-690-3408 ext 108
541-690-3431 (Fax)

Matt Vaccher

Account Representative

541-690-3410 ext 110
541-690-3426 (Fax)

Dustin Wallace

Account Representative

541-690-3481 ext 138
541-690-3482 (Fax)

Kenny Wenaus

Account Representative

541-690-3467 ext 120
541-690-3447 (Fax)